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How Young Attorneys Can Gain Visibility in a Solo-Law Practice

When You Think No One is Watching

By:  Ligeia J. Hill, Esq.

May 18, 2020

As an Attorney with 10 years under my belt, I am always thinking of creative ways to reach my audience.  I received the bulk of my legal training in Chicago working in Government and the Public Sector.  Four years ago before I launched my solo practice in the Chicagoland area, I often brainstormed of ways on how I would promote my business in a world that has an array of total marketing solutions – Television, Print, Digital, Billboards, Social Media and the like.

I decided to hit the ground running.  I leased a Billboard that rotated throughout the City of Chicago, and kept it in rotation for nearly 3 years. That was by far one of the best marketing decisions I have made.  I cannot tell you the number of times potential clients, who are now repeat clients, have shared with me how they were instantly moved to call my law firm immediately after seeing my Billboard.  Hence, my advertising slogan, Don’t Sit Still, Call Attorney Hill!

It is evident for me that had my Billboard never been within the realms of the City of Chicago, people who knew me from when I worked in the Public Sector would have never known to “Call Attorney Hill.”  People who were in need of legal services would have never known to “Call Attorney Hill.”  That’s why visibility is extremely important for your business and brand. 

This goes for social media platforms as well, regardless of how many followers you have.  I can attest to the fact that you do not need thousands of followers to promote your brand, all you need is CONTENT that you believe in.  Social media is a necessary part of our contemporary society; and experience has shown me that VISIBILITY on the multiple platforms is essential.  It is a must to consistently put yourself and your business out there in the public medium, even when you think no one will call or no one is watching you.  For instance, I post legal content videos on my Facebook page frequently.  Sometimes I garner likes, sometimes I do not.  Sometimes I have people share my posts, sometimes I do not.  But the essential question is not whether people ‘LIKE’ my posts, but more importantly, are people WATCHING my content.


The one consistent notion that I have observed when I post my legal content videos is that I always garner hundreds, sometimes even thousands of VIEWS – which tells me that people are watching.  But there’s a catch – you must post and share your content without FEAR.  You must believe in the content that you produce and share with the public as if you have 500,000 followers, even if you only have 50.  This drives people to your business and brand which ultimately lets people know who YOU are.  A great business mind once said, “If you don’t invite people to your business, then they will not come.”  There is no perfect time like the present to start inviting the masses.

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